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We couldn’t be happier to be on Walmart’s shelves! After attending the 6th Annual Walmart Made in America Open Call Event in June of 2019, everything changed for our Instant Sneaker Cleaner brand, SneakERASERS.

Over 10,000 entrepreneurs applied to attend the open call event, and Walmart selected only a lucky 479 companies to participate. All participants were guaranteed at least a 10-minute meeting with their category buyer, and the application process and scheduling was completed by RangeMe.

Out of the 479 companies that participated, only 10 companies were selected to be included in their “Elevator Pitch” company social media video. We were honored to be selected to be included in this hilarious feature and you can see Kevin at work from this video HERE.

In the meeting, Kevin and Brandon Hitt (our distributor from HITT Brands) were joined by six category buyers and executives from Walmart. The buyers even asked to use the product and loved how quickly SneakERASERS removed scuff marks from dirty soles. The sneaker cleaner was a hit for the shoe care crowd and they initiated a 100 store test with a gravity feed display.

We are now proud to announce that SneakERASERS will be available chain wide across the US at Walmart stores (also available at It’s been such a great partnership with one of the largest retailers in the world and it never gets old spotting our displays in store. We look forward to many more years serving Walmart and their valued customers.

"Be on the lookout in your local store!"

-Chris Pavlica, Founder

Pictured: Kevin (Left) and our good friend Brandon Hitt (Right), from HITT Brands, who has been essential to our product placement and success!

Pictured: Chris spotted one of the very first SneakERASERS displays ever to be for sale in Walmart. This one was in West Valley, Utah

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