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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Huge thanks for Henry Palattella from The Columbus Dispatch for making this fantastic article happen!

Company’s product to spiff up sneakers hitting Walmart store shelves

Chris Pavlica holds up SneakERASERS, the sneaker cleaning product he created with co-founders Kevin Consolo and Ohio State University graduate Nick Wax. SneakERASERS recently participated in a Walmart competition and was approved to be placed on Walmart store shelves nationwide.

In 2016, Chris Pavlica’s idea for a product came out of desperation. Pavlica, a film and 4D experience director, was in an Atlanta hotel, about to meet with Coca-Cola for a pitch meeting regarding their visitor center theater film. He had 20 minutes until he was supposed to meet his colleagues in the lobby, and he had one final touch to his outfit for his first impressions. His Nike SB’s, the black, grey and white highlights of his outfit were all scuffed up from banging around in his suitcase!

He feverishly searched through home remedies for cleaning shoes, like scrubbing bubbles and toothbrush (but he doesn’t travel with bathroom cleaner and he only has one toothbrush!) or hand sanitizer and tissues. He finally used some sanitizer that he had on hand and scrubbed away as much filth as he could, but he wasn’t happy with the result or the process.

After the meeting, Pavlica immediately called college roommate Kevin Consolo. Chris and Kevin met at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and eventually lived together sophomore year. Back then, in 2005, they constantly talked about product inventions and business ventures, and they dreamt about someday creating a brand.

Fast forward 10 years and back in Atlanta, Chris told Kevin that perhaps, they found their blank space -- their window of opportunity. Pavlica was not happy with the options on the market to clean sneakers, especially when you are not at home and only have a few minutes. The “Instant Sneaker Cleaner” was born.

Now known as “SneakERASERS,” this convenient sneaker cleaner is a scuff-removing miracle in a pouch. It’s pre-moistened for touch-ups on the go, so if you find yourself in a bind (maybe in a hotel before a business meeting!), you’ll always have this instant cleaner by your side to make your shoes look like new.

Recently, at the 6th Annual Walmart Made in America Open Call event in Bentonville, Arkansas, the Walmart US buyer agreed on Pavlica’s vision. Distributed by HITT Brands, it was Consolo’s time to shine in a business meeting (making sure to wear bright, white midsoles) and SneakERASERS was presented to the Walmart shoe care team. They loved the innovation and jobs created in America by the company, and a 100 store install for a SneakERASERS display was ordered.

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